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We had a lively and inspiring meeting on Saturday! Members in attendance included Ayesha, Brenda, Stephanie, Samreen, and Liana. We had one guest, Sahar, a devoted ESL student! Ayesha skillfully directed the meeting as Toastmaster and Brenda delivered a gut-wrenchingly emotional and inspiring prepared speech that gave us all chills. Many of us went home and said “I love you” to the ones we hold dear following the meeting. Liana led the group in a round of Table Topics about Spring Cleaning, and even our guest Sahar courageously stood up to give a mini-speech! Thanks to Samreen and Stephanie for serving as General Evaluator and Timer respectively.


We’re all gearing up for the big Open House event on Saturday at 10:30 am. We hope to have a full house! We’ll have handcrafted foods representative of our home countries and decorations to remind us of our ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Many of us have been spreading the word at our local grocery stores, our community gathering centers, schools, and places of worship. We hope you will join us in the festivities! Come to share in the food and drinks while getting a taste of a typical Toastmasters meeting. It is sure to be a fun, interactive, and lively time.

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