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Aussie – Australian

Hello G’Day


Small Child Ankle Biter
Man bloke
Woman sheila


Bar-B-Q Barbie
Cookie Bikkie (Biscuit)
Breakfast brekkie
Chicken chook
285 ml beer Middy (NSW)
Dinner tea
Vegetables veggies

Other Stuff & Phrases

Swim Suit Bathers / Cozzie
Bathroom toilet
Kangaroo boomer
No chance Buckleys
BYO Bring your own
vomit chunder
Ice cooler esky
Journalist journo
Elevator lift
Hood bonnet
Sweater jumper
Candy lollies
Lipstick lippy
Mosquito mozzie
Mailman Postie
Get fired Pink Slip
Present Prezzie
Angry ropeable
Get upset Spit the dummy
Nosy person stickybeak
Brisbane Brizzie
University Uni
Liquor Store Bottle Shop
U-turn yewy
Great bonza

Kiwi – New Zealand

Angry Agro
Day dreaming Away with the Fairies
Eggplant Aubergine
Sausages Bangers
Countertop Bench
Pen biro
Trunk of car boot
Trailer caravan
Thanks / goodbye cheers
Drug store chemist
Great approval Choice!
Full Choc-a-block
High school college
Please repeat Come again?
Zuchinni courgette
Corner store dairy
Unreliable dodgy
Quilt duvet
Toilet dunny
Apartment flat
Sidewalk footpath
Rugby footy
Tantrum Hissy fit
Popsicle Ice block
Thongs (footwear) jandal
Kettle jug
Kindergarten Kindy
Sweet Potato kumara
Out house Long drop
Toilet loo
Ground beef mince
Diaper nappy
Baby carriage pram
Go away Rack off
Sandwich sammie
Buy a round shout
Electrician sparkie
Very pleased stoaked
Thanks ta
Pickup trunk ute


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