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This Saturday, Embracing Cultures is excited to be welcoming a guest speaker to the meeting. This meeting will be held at our usual time and place: Saturday, June 19, from 10:30am-11:45am at 4115 SW 160th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon 97007 in the white house.
Toastmaster and nurse Rita Batchley will be visiting us from California and will be addressing the following topics:
*What your hospital bill is not telling you
*Your patient rights
*How you can protect yourself.
Rita Batchley is not your ordinary RN. She is a teacher, author, and speaker, who happens to believe that nurses hold the key to real healthcare reform. Since graduating from nursing school over 28 years ago, Nurse Batchley has helped to bring more than 3,000 babies into the world and now, in her breakout novel Labor Pains, she delivers a gripping tale that breathes life into the spirit of nursing. This timely story is sure to be loved by today’s nurses as well as those yearning to be delivered into a world where the primary ingredient in medicine is caring.
Known by her colleagues as “The Nurses’ Nurse,” Rita has dedicated her life to support comprehensive, affordable health care and she tells the truth about corporate medicine as only someone with her experiences can.
Hope you will join us!

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