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Tonights meeting was a great deal of fun!

Marc, our president opened the meeting and Lorri gave us the thought of the day.  Our Toastmaster Brenda, introduced all the key roles:  Dora as General Evaluator, Xiaoxin as Grammarian (and timer).


We had two guest speakers for the evening.  Tahseen Mohammad gave us a delightful speech about his childhood, telling us of a story about riding his scooter, picking up a priest and being save from corrupt “smokies” (police) by the priest.  The speech was filled with lots of humor.  We wish Tahseen the best of luck as he competes in the Downtown Division Humorous Speech Contest on Friday.


Our second speaker was Amit Kumar.  Amit went through Grad School with Xiaoxin in Iowa and now they are both working at Mentor Graphics.
Amit gave us a wonderful presentation which highlighted the key influences that India has extended to the rest of the world.

These key contributions include food (Yum!), most of what we know as Indian food comes from the area around Delhi.  Bollywood, which generates movies in all languages.  Yoga, which is practiced world wide and Spirituality.Both our speakers wanted to have “round-robin” evaluations, so each attendee was given an opportunity to give a short evaluation of each of our speakers.  All the evaluations praised both our speakers for the great things they did as well as providing opportunities for improvement the next time they spoke.

Brenda, was our Travel Guide for the evening and took us to an India .vs. Australia cricket match, asking for translations [ Embracing Cultures – Hindi-Urdu ] of the words to get to the cricket grounds and describe the colors of the uniforms.  PS … Australia won the match (more about that at our next meeting when we visit “Downunder” (Australia & New Zealand).

During the meeting we enjoyed lots of snacks, including Samosas and Chutney, Hummus, and an Indian sweet called Sonf Papdi.

We wrapped up the meeting with the final evaluations by Dora and Xiaoxin and continued to socialize and eat!


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