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We hope everyone had a restful and memorable July 4th weekend! At Embracing Cultures, we took the weekend off to allow our members to spend the holiday with our families, but we came right back into the swing of things for July 12th’s meeting.

Liana, our new club President as of July 1st, delivered a speech in which she laid out her goals and desires for the group from now to December. She included a new motto for the group: “Learners by nature, leaders through practice.”

We also heard an updated mission statement: “Embracing Cultures Toastmasters is a group of diverse women who believe that personal growth in the domains of leadership, communication, and public speaking are a natural result of mutual learning, honest feedback, and mentoring. We support one another in a safe environment where all issues are discussed openly, particularly the topic of what it means to be a woman in various geographical, political, and social contexts.”

Liana emphasized the importance of participation and commitment from all members. She also informed us that she plans on improving our education program and member recruitment.

Humaira contributed to this new vision, as she delivered a speech about a workshop series that the group will be hosting in the fall. She was persuasive and inspiring. We will all help her to the best of our ability in planning, marketing, and executing this exciting series, and we hope to get many attendees!

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