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Thanks to all that attended Nurse Rita’s educational speech on Saturday. She informed us about some startling statistics regarding nurse ratios, wait times, and infections caught during hospital stays. We learned about the history of healthcare in the US, and how it has become corporate and impersonal.

Nurse Rita explained that during the 1990s, healthcare executives and legislators attempted to reduce the number of nurses in hospitals and doctors’ offices, claiming that assistants and housekeepers could do the same job with less financial burden. The nurses united and stood up for patient care. However, they are still fighting to keep the “care” in healthcare, as legislators and executives continue to cut funding and consolidate services.

Nurse Rita provided us with a “Patients’ Bill of Rights,” including the idea that patients should have access to immediate, personal care, that patients should not be released before they are healed, and that patents should have an RN assigned to them – not a medical assistant alone.

Nurse Rita, thanks for teaching us how to advocate for ourselves! We appreciate your dedicating your life’s work to the noble cause of bringing affordable, accessible healthcare nationwide!


Brenda, thanks for leading our Table Topics session about how we can be healthier in our daily lives! Brenda began with a personal story that connected to Nurse Rita’s speech. She talked about a dear friend who was forced to wait in an ER waiting room overnight before receiving care. These stories are emotional because they can affect all of us indiscriminately. During Table Topics, we covered sleep, exercise, water, and even peanut butter! Thanks for your ever-brilliant imagination, Brenda!

peanut butter

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