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Happy summer to all! I hope you’re all out and enjoying the sunshine.

The Embracing Cultures Toastmasters club had a warm, supportive, and comfortable meeting on Saturday. Our theme was comfort foods from around the globe. This was Anesa’s first time serving as Toastmaster, and she truly did an impressive job. Impeccable preparation and delivery.

Anna gave her second speech from the Competent Communicator manual. The subject was photography, clearly a hobby close to her heart. She was informative, knowledgeable, and passionate about the topic. I think everyone in the room learned a new tip to improve their own family and vacation pictures. I’ll attempt to implement the rule of thirds and account for eye movement across the image while documenting my camping trip this weekend! Thanks for an info-packed speech, Anna!

Our table topics were all about comfort foods. Brenda served as our dynamic Table Topics Master, and Humaira evaluated. Anesa taught us about a plum liqueur familiar to her fellow Bosnians, our guest Smiti talked about looking forward to the Kenyan BBQ she’d be attending that night, Lorri entertained us with her Friday night decompressing routine, and Ayesha informed us of the laborious duty that is preparing for the evening fast-breaking of Ramadan. Brenda also contributed by exposing her deep adoration for fried Indian samosas. My mouth was watering throughout!

food globe

Note that we will not be having a meeting on July 5th to allow our members to observe Independence Day with their families and friends. Please take time to appreciate the diversity that we are blessed with as Americans! Our meetings will resume on July 12th. As the new club President, I will be presenting and leading a discussion about my goals for my six-month tenure. I hope you all can make it to contribute your ideas! Everyone is welcome!

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