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Our meeting this past Saturday was informative, inspiring, entertaining, and emotional – everything a Toastmasters meeting should be! Thanks to everyone that attended, we had a wonderful turnout.

Particular thanks goes to Stephanie, who served for the first time as Toastmaster. She got us ready for bikini season as the meeting theme was Summer Vacation. She did a fabulous job keeping us to time, transitioning between speakers, and offering comments at the start and finish. And she did all of this with her signature enthusiasm and smile! Impressive for a first-timer!

Anesa delivered her Ice-Breaker, which opened with a stunning African tribal chant that she learned from her college singing group, Abusua (ah-BOO-soo-ah). She stated that Abusua performed traditional songs and dances from Ghana, West Africa. Anesa further explained that “Abusua” means family. She went on to discuss how her time in this singing and drumming group served as a spiritual awakening for her and taught her values that still guide her life today. Anesa told us a liberating story about how she declared independence for herself and is following her passions with abandon. Great message, Anesa! We’re so happy to have you in our group!

african textile

Liana was our second speaker. She delivered a persuasive speech and attempted to involve us in child mentoring. She appealed to our logic by offering facts about the long-lasting and deeply influential impact a mentor can have on a kid in need. Liana recently became a mentor herself and has already found it to be a rewarding, confidence-boosting experience. If you are interested in exploring mentoring possibilities for yourself and your family, please visit the Oregon Mentors or Hands on Portland websites. There are plenty of ways to help your community just by being yourself!


Our Table Topics were on the subject of summer vacations to get us in the spirit of the upcoming season. Members Stephanie, Humaira, and Samreen contributed, and even our guest Nida accepted the challenge! Nida, we loved your story about your first trip away from home and it brought back memories from our own childhoods. You are a natural for our group and we hope you return!

During our short business meeting, we held our 6-month officer elections – exciting! Here are the results:

President – Liana
Vice President of Education – Brenda
Vice President of Public Relations – Anesa
Vice President of Membership – Samreen
Secretary – Rehana
Treasurer – Brenda
Sergeant of Arms – Ayesha


Ladies, thanks so much for stepping up and taking on a leadership role! We’re going to have a successful and ground-breaking term!

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