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Thanks to the Future Stars club for welcoming our members to their end-of-the-year celebration this weekend! It was a big party that lasted for hours, complete with a Table Topics contest, awards, and a big potluck lunch. Our members loved seeing the young folks’ enthusiasm and dedication to improving their leadership and communication skills. Keep up the good work, kids! You are shining examples of the good that can come from cooperative learning!


For more information on the Future Stars club, take a look here. They are a group of middle and high school aged youth that meet weekly to work on both prepared and improvised speeches. If you’re a mother looking to get involved in our Embracing Cultures Toastmasters club, Future Stars is a great place to bring your child while you attend our meeting. The meetings take place at the same time and right next to one another! Talk about convenience! Their meetings will start up again in the fall when school is back in session.

In the meantime, I urge you to visit Embracing Cultures. There is value in joining a Toastmasters group specifically for women. As many of the members are mothers, you’ll find the environment is warm and nurturing. Letting your guard down is essential for learning to take place, and many women find they are more comfortable, honest, and vulnerable when they are among women. Come pay us a visit and see if we are the right fit for you!

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