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What a great meeting!  Xiaoxin Fan delighted and educated us about the Spring Festival celebrations in China, which start before New Years and continue on for 15 or more days.  Many traditions of honoring and respecting family and the gods of the Kitchen.  We were taught the proper hand gestures to pay tribute to our elders.

Our newest member, Martha, gave us a gift of her first speech in the club.  Martha practiced a presentation that she needed to do for a conference.  Clearly Martha comes to us with many great speaking skills and we are so blessed to have her.  One of our guests, Penny, stepped up and gave Xiaoxin a great evaluation.  Penny is very experienced in ESL, so her evaluation brought many additional insights.

Our grammarian for the night was Division Governor, Simon.  He did a fabulous job (word of the day credit here!) at counting our ums and ahs, and catching excellent word phrases used throughout the meeting.  Lorri, also a Division Governor, gave us great table topics in which our guest Amit participated.  Amit had presented before on life in India and this time he brought his wife Deepti.

We had a great spread of fabulous (WOD credit again!) treats from China, selected by Xiaoxin.  A green tea birthday cake was unveiled.  It had a very rubbery texture, but was very delicious.  The least favorite treat was the one with red bean paste.

Thank you to Marc for stepping in at the last moment as Toastmaster as Dora had lost her voice.

Next week we are looking forward to learning about the Czech Republic.


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